Golf Tips: How To Be Strong and Long in the Wind

January 15, 2017

The warmer climates get blustery this time of year, so you need to hit the ball low and chase it down the fairway to maximize distance off the tee. That’s harder to pull off with today’s high-launching drivers, but it can be done. Here’s how to drive it low and long in the wind.

Tee the ball lower so that the entire ball is “on” the clubface (that is, no part of the ball protrudes above the top of the clubhead). Next, position the ball farther back in your stance, just forward of center. These two adjustments let you contact the ball lower on the clubface and with a more level swing, for a lower, more piercing flight. Also, try to limit the hinge in your wrists on the backswing—this flattens your swing arc and takes loft off the clubface. Practice these three simple moves and you’ll bust it through even the stiffest gusts.

At address, play the ball farther back in your stance than normal for your driver. Tee it low enough that no part of the ball should appear above the crown of the club when you sole it behind the ball. Minimize wrist hinge in your backswing. This flattens your swing arc and reduces the amount of loft on the clubface. Combined with your setup changes, this move is a bona fide gust-buster!