Do this to determine your ball position with every club, says Top 100 Teacher

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Find the low point of your swing to determine your optimal ball position.

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Welcome to Play Smart, a regular game-improvement column that will help you play smarter, better golf.

One commonality between all great golfers is their grasp of the fundamentals. They make them look easy, routine and simple. Because of this mastery, they’re able to add more and more complexities to their games.

If you want to get to a high level, you too will have to demonstrate this mastery. It’s not glamorous drilling down the fundamentals, but they are essential building blocks that will allow your skills to soar.

Ball position is one of those key fundamentals that you’ll need to nail if you want to improve. It’s not only important that have a consistent ball poisiton with each of your clubs, but also that you find the correct ball position for your swing.

A go-to guide for ball position

When determining the best ball position for your swing, the first step is heading to the range for a little experimentation. Making changes will take some time, and it’s important you can practice these changes in a stress-free environment.

For GOLF Top 100 Teacher Scott Munroe, he likes to determine his students’ optimal ball positions by having them make a few simple practice swings.

“I like to see where in their stance they are brushing the ground with the clubhead,” Munroe says. “This shows the low point of their swing, and the spot they should put the ball in their stance.”

Controlling your low point is key for consistent ball striking, and finding that point in your swing with each club will help you hit more solid shots.

This advice also rings true when you have an uneven lie in the fairway. Once again, all you need to do is make some practice swings and see where the low point of your swing is.

“Once you see how the slope is changing the low point of your swing, you can change the ball position to match,” Munroe says. “That’s a quick way to make sure you are hitting solid shots with every club in your bag.”

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