Get a leg up on the tee: A two-step move for longer drives

February 15, 2017

Who couldn’t use some extra yards off the tee? This simple exercise will strengthen your legs, which will lead to longer shots with every club.

Step 1

Hold an iron with both hands in front of your body as shown and stand with your feet just an inch or two apart. Bend your left leg back by flexing at the knee. Find your balance, setting the majority of your weight over your right foot. Flex your right knee slightly.

Step 2

Tilt your upper body toward the ground (at about 45 degrees) while bending your right knee slightly and keeping your back flat. You should feel pressure throughout your right leg. That’s swing power! Do 10 reps, then repeat with the other leg. Do these daily. Your reward? A serious leg up on the tee box.