For consistent ballstriking, use an issue of GOLF Magazine

August 26, 2017

Do you struggle to hit good irons consistently, round after round? You may suffer from a poor setup. To fix this, take an issue of GOLF and lay it on the ground, with the front and back covers face up. Assume your address using a mid-iron and position the ball opposite the magazine’s spine, with the instep of each foot opposite the outer edges. Align your hands with the spine so that the shaft leans slightly toward the target.

Bend from the hips enough so that your eyes are over the magazine’s top edge. Your arms should hang naturally from your shoulders, placing the butt of the club over the bottom edge of the issue. Master these setup positions and you can expect to hit a lot more greens.

For consistent ballstriking, use a copy of GOLF as your setup guide. Align the ball with the spine, and get the instep of each foot even with the magazine’s outer edges.

Bend from the hips until your eyes are even with the top edge of the magazine, and let your arms hang down.