Patrick Reed’s go-to breakfast can help you lose weight

Patrick Reed reads a putt.

Phil has his coffee mixture, Tiger has his crunchy peanut butter and banana sandwiches, Bryson has his protein powder.

Needless to say, but most Tour players take their nutrition seriously, especially during the season. But what about when the season starts and stops as it has this year due to the coronavirus? 

Like Phil, Tiger and Bryson, Patrick Reed has joined the litany of Tour pros to transform his body in part by dialing in his diet during quarantine.

In a recent interview on “The Pros Show” with Jason Alexander, Reed revealed he’d lost some weight since the Tour hit pause in the middle of the Players Championship in March. 

“I think the biggest thing was I felt like we’re going to have a sprint to the finish for the year, so I though I needed to get in a little better shape,” Reed explained.

So how’d he do it?

“For me it’s more about diet; I love food, I love to eat.” (Who doesn’t, am I right?)

“So I just changed things up,” Reed said. “I basically took as many carbs and sugars out as possible and for me, once I figured out breakfast, it’s been pretty good.”

As for Reed’s special breakfast, I hope you’re hungry. 

It includes three sausage links, two sunny side up eggs and a whole avocado.

“Mix it all in and it’s perfect. It gives me enough energy to get through the day and at the same time it tastes amazing.” 

Reed’s breakfast special might be light on carbs and sugar, but it’s definitely not lacking in calories. (Calories estimated using MyFitness Pal.)

3 sausages: 160 calories

2 sunny side up eggs: 140 calories

1 whole avocado: 240 calories

That’s a whopping 540 calories just for breakfast and amounts to about a fifth of your daily calorie intake, assuming you are eating around 2,500 calories per day.

But hey, whatever works.

Reed will make his return to the Tour this week at the Charles Schwab Challenge at Colonial

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