Looking for women’s golf fitness tips? Check out these five accounts

Woman playing golf

It can be difficult to know where to start in the gym, especially if you want a golf-focused workout. These five women can help you navigate your next trip to the gym, provide on-course tips and more.

1. Madi Brown

Brown is a TPI Certified Fitness Professional, Certified Golf Fitness Specialist and Certified Senior Fitness Trainer. On her Instagram page, she shares plenty of gym videos with instructions on each move and how they will improve your game.

2. Carolina “Carl” Romero

Romero, also known as “fitgolfergirl,” is a TPI Golf Fitness Coach and a GOLF contributor. Her mobility programs will help you ease into working out with the intention of improving your game.

3. Tori Totlis

Totlis is another TPI Certified Coach who aims to help women get into the game. She shares golf style tips and information on the best ways to practice and answers common golf questions on her Instagram page.

4. Daisy-May Kenny

Kenny is a biomechanics specialist with vast knowledge on speed training and injuries. Whether you’re trying to improve your posture or increase your distance, her videos can help steer you in the right direction.

5. Katherine Roberts

Roberts is the founder of Yoga for Golfers, which focuses on quieting the mind, achieving body alignment to increase power and enhancing flexibility. She demonstrates various practices on her page and explains how each applies to your game.

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