Try this simple in-home workout routine from Jon Rahm

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Jon Rahm is keeping in shape while he's away from golf.

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It can be tough these days to get your golf game in shape without access to a gym or the range. But at-home workouts can help bridge the gap between now and the next time you have access to those amenities. has released a series of at-home workouts over the last month, but if you’ve gone through that regimen, try this routine from Jon Rahm. The PGA Tour released a series of dynamic workouts on its Twitter feed this afternoon that are worth a look. Check them out below.

This first exercise is great for hip activation and flexibility. Start by taking a knee and planting a club into the ground in front of you. Brace yourself on the club and then thrust your hips forward.

“If you do it properly you should feel the stretch in the hip while you’re pressing down on the club,” Rahm says. “You will feel that connection basically down your right shoulder all the way down to your right knee.”

Do the exercise and hold it for two seconds, and for five reps on each side. Try to focus on keeping everything on top of one another from the hips up through the core and into the shoulders for the best results.

The next routine is also to help generate a strong core. Lay flat on your back and pull your knees up as if you were in the seated position. Extend your arms straight to the sky and squeeze it between your left foot and your right palm. Then, extend your left arm behind you while also extending your right foot in front of you.

“It’s very important to keep that pressure,” Rahm says. “If you keep this pressure continuously going throughout the whole exercise, it’s very hard to arch (your back). Especially if you use that hip and push into the hand.”

The last exercise is admittedly not Rahm’s favorite, but it plays a pivotal role in helping him maintain balance during the swing. Take the club and squeeze it between your right palm and your left foot. Lift the right foot off the ground and then bend at the hips into an RDL position.

“Never lose that pressure between that arm and your leg,” Rahm says.

This exercise will help you push into the ground and prevent swaying or sliding during the swing.

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