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Top 100 Teacher: Train 3 important golf muscles with this one simple exercise

Looking for the perfect golf exercise? The bridge with leg extension test is a great move for stabilizing your lumbar spine, core and glutes. Strength in these areas is key to helping you maintain a solid base and improving your balance.

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Lie flat on your back with your knees bent, feet flat and arms at your sides. Your knees and feet should be together.


Lift your pelvis skyward. Keep your belt line parallel to the floor. Breathe.


Extend your right leg while clapping your hands out in front of your chest. Hold for 10 seconds. If your leg shakes or if your left hip drops, there’s instability in your right glute. If your lower back or your left hamstring cramps, that’s another sign of weakness.

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Lower your leg and arms back to the starting position.


Extend your left leg and repeat the arm motion. Hold for 10 seconds. If you start to shake or drop your right hip, you’re weak on that side. The more you perform this exercise, the stronger you’ll become. Don’t forget to breathe!

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