Here’s how you can get a free swing evaluation from Tom Brady’s golf coaches

Tom Brady gives a thumbs up at Pebble Beach.

Tom Brady's golf coaches can help you out, too.

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Tom Brady’s got game, both on the gridiron and on the course. Admittedly, his golf game is a bit out of shape, but hey, even six-time Super Bowl champions and low-handicaps are just like the rest of us sometimes. 

Of course, Brady’s time for fitting in 18 has been limited — with all that goes into planning a move to Florida, becoming a member at one of the most exclusive golf clubs in the country and planning for the upcoming Match 2.0, it’s no wonder his game may be suffering. 

For the rest of us, a prolonged off-season due to the coronavirus and an inordinate amount of sitting around have probably left our swings a little worse for wear. 

Thankfully, the body coaches at TB12 — Brady and business partner Alex Guerrero’s performance lifestyle brand — are ready to help you tune up your swing. For FREE. 

TB12 has launched a new initiative to help golfers get their action back. All you have to do is submit two videos — one filmed down the line from behind and one filmed facing the front of your body — to

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From there, TB12’s coaches will review your videos and evaluate your swing in three areas: hip mobility, spine mobility and posture. 

Once a coach reviews your swing, you will receive a detailed assessment of your swing mobility and an outline of pliability, mobility and functional exercises that will help you take your game to the next level. 

While you might never get a chance to throw a touch down pass or win a Super Bowl like Brady, you can commit to bettering your game through fitness like he does.

And since Brady has admitted that his golf game isn’t in the best shape, you even have a chance to be better than the GOAT. How’s that for motivation.

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