Bryson DeChambeau’s protein shakes are on sale this weekend

bryson dechambeau drinks protein shake

Bryson DeChambeau even drinks his protein shakes in the middle of his round these days.

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By now, Bryson’s gainz (yes, his transformation warrants ending gains with a “z”) are apparent to anyone with eyes. What he’s been able to do with his body and his swing has been nothing short of amazing.

He also recently divulged what he eats in a typical day, and the list includes six or seven Orgain protein shakes.

Bryson was actually caught chugging Orgain’s Plant Based Protein shake after he smashed a 389-yard drive during last week’s Travelers Championship

The company prides itself on creating organic, high quality, clean and delicious protein shakes, powders and more.

And if Bryson’s transformation has you rethinking your diet, or your protein intake, you’re in luck because you Orgain’s products are on sale through the July Fourth weekend.

For a limited time you can get 20% off when you spend less than $50 using code BEWELL. If you spend $50+, you’ll unlock 30% off your purchase using code HAPPY4TH.

Should you decide to go all in on your protein intake in your quest for Bryson-like gainz (with a “z,” of course) and spend $100+, you’ll also receive a free one-pound bag of Organic Protein™ & Superfoods Plant Based Protein Powder.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to bulk up or just add a lean source of protein to your diet, Orgain has the products you need, but act fast because this deal ends Sunday, July 5.

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