5 exercises to mobilize your lower body

Get through the ball with ease once you learn to mobilize your lower body.

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The lower body is essential to a good golf swing. If you struggle to get through the ball, or feel “stuck” in your swing, these exercises by TPI Certified fitness instructor, Madi Brown (@golffitgirl), might be for you. The key is to make sure your upper body and core are stable while you strengthen and mobilize your hips and legs.

They do require a few pieces of equipment, so these would be best to try out next time you’re at the gym.

1. Bosu kick through

While stabilizing your upper body, kick one leg through the other to twist your hips and work your obliques.

2. Kb lower quarter rotation

Use a heavy weight or kettlebell to stabilize your upper body, bend your knees to a 90-degree angle, and twist them upward. Repeat on each side.

3. Stable stick hip internal rotation

Use a stick (or pole/wall) to stabilize your upper body, and twist your hips as you would during your golf swing. Repeat on each side.

4. Cable knee drive rotation

Stabilize your upper body by holding onto the machine and drive the knee of whatever leg is attached to the cable crossover machine up towards the opposite side of your body. Repeat with each leg.

5. Stability ball glute activation rotation

Get into a lunge position and place your front leg on a stability ball. Drive the opposite knee upwards while twisting your upper body toward the direction of that knee. Repeat on each side.

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