Here’s an easy drill to develop true control over the clubface

rope on the ground in front of club

This simple drill will give you instant feedback.

Josh Ritchie

Practicing with feedback isn’t a luxury — it’s a must. Here’s how to work it into your full-swing practice. Your reward? A better understanding of clubface control and how it affects your ball flight.

First, place a length of rope or an alignment stick a few feet in front of the ball on your target line. Now swing. Any shot that starts to the right of the line (indicated by the row of balls I’ve placed to the right of the rope) tells you that the face is open at impact (or closed if the shot starts left of the rope).

Without the rope, it’s difficult to truly ascertain the ball’s initial direction — and, thus, your control of the clubface. It’s simple, but the lesson has deep implications for your game.

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