Rickie Fowler: How I hit my can’t-miss low cut to find the fairway

On days when you’re not sure where the ball is going, you need to get something in play and make it to the clubhouse as fast as you can without blowing up your card. That’s when it’s important to have a go-to shot. I turn to the low cut. It rarely lets me down.

Step One

Choke down on your driver for extra control. Tee the ball down, too. This will help you hit it lower, which can promote a straighter flight. Hooks won’t hook as much. Slices won’t slice as much. Even if its goes off line, it won’t go off line as much.

Step Two

Take half the course out of play. Pick an aiming spot down the left side and commit to a cut. That way, you’re sure you won’t miss left (I found the left rough just 10 percent of the time last year). Don’t freeze up; keep your entire body moving as a unit toward the target to avoid a wipey slice. If you cover the ball—staying right down through it—it’ll easily hold its line.

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