The secret to Justin Thomas’ bullet drive? These 2 simple setup tweaks

One of the beauties of golf is that each shot requires its own strategy.

In some cases, you might need to bomb the driver with as much launch as you can muster, whereas other times you may desire limited lift to keep the low and out of the wind.

The cool thing? There’s no right or wrong shot, so long as the result is what you envisioned.

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One player who often improvises with his tremendous ball-striking ability is Justin Thomas, who has can work the ball to his will.

It’s taken Thomas decades of hard work to get to the level he’s at, but he’s more than happy to share some wisdom for players seeking improvement.

In the video above (scroll to the 27:15 mark) — from GOLF’s new “Warming Up” series — Thomas describes to GOLF’s Dylan Dethier how he hits a “bullet drive,” which is essentially Thomas’ version of the perfect stinger.

“I’ll usually hit a couple of these while I’m playing,” Thomas says. “They’re kind of like my bullet.”

So what’s it take to hit this type of shot? Thomas’ talent helps, sure, but so do two quick-and-easy setup tweaks, with a focus on tee height and the position of your hands.

“I tee it lower, and I just choke down on [the grip], and I do everything the same,” Thomas tells Dethier.

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“I don’t try to hit down on it or lean on it, I just try to hit a very standard shot,” he adds. “But because [the tee’s] down lower, I naturally will hit more zeroed [on my angle of attack], and not as much up on it.

“So the shot shape with this is, usually just start a little left with a little fade as well.”

This is a great shot to try on these wintry, cold, often windy days, when controlling your ball flight is critical. So take Thomas’ tips to the range with you and give his bullet drive a go for yourself. With some practice, you may be able to master this type of shot like a two-time major champ!

You can also check out the entire episode of “Warming Up” on GOLF’s YouTube page below.

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