Increase your range of motion to bomb your driver, says Top 100 Teacher

Ask any golfer of any skill level if they’d like to learn how to bomb the driver farther, and you’ll get a resounding “yes!” That’s because every player knows that extra length off the tee makes the game a bit easier, providing options for players who can get closer to the pin after just one shot.

Problem is, many amateurs think they’re expected to drive the ball 300+ yards like the pros do. But that’s not very realistic.

It is possible to add some length with your driver by utilizing simple techniques to help you keep your swing compact with explosion through the hips.

For those hoping to learn the trick to do this — which will lead to more bombs with your driver — GOLF Top 100 Teacher Dana Dahlquist explains in the video above how to get the process started.

Increasing your range of motion can lead to more bombs with your driver

According to Dahlquist, learning how to bomb your driver starts with increasing your motion, not limiting it.

So how does a player do this? It all starts by shifting your hips, back, and legs to generate as much power coming through the ball.

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“We want to increase the motion,” says Dahlquist. “What we’re looking for is a little bit of a shift from left to right before we hit. So before I hit a driver, I’m going to shift a little left, shift a little right.”

In order to really get the clubhead down faster, Dahlquist says to shift up a bit in the downswing — which should help generate more club speed.

“When I shift back to the right, I’m actually going to shift a little bit up,” he says. “This is going to help me wind up into the backswing, and then drop it down into the downswing.

“We want to have a little bit of that shift and going up, so I can drop down for some power.”

So for those wondering how to bomb the driver, take Dahlquist’s tips and apply them to your own game. It starts with a relaxed approach as you set up, followed by an explosion in your range of motion for added club speed — which should have you sailing it past the other members of your group in no time.

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