Hall-of-Fame Teacher reveals 3-step test to find your perfect driver stance

Mike Adams is a member of the World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame.


As a member of the World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame, Mike Adams is one of most influential voices in golf instruction today. He’s spent his career researching golf’s intersection with biomechanics and helping golfers find the best swing for them based on their unique body type.

And now, he’s bringing all that knowledge to Instagram. He just joined last week, so first things first, go ahead and give him a follow now.

And next, take notes, because one of Mike’s first Instagram tips was an interesting and easy three-step test you can do that will help determine your how wide you should stand with your drives, based on your unique body type.

Here’s how it works:

1. Take a natural stride

The first step is pretty simple: Mike says to take a normal stride, leading with your right foot. Take note of where your right heel touches the ground, and hold it there for a second.

2. Pivot on your right heel and left foot

Once you take your normal stride, Adams says to pivot from the heel of your right foot and the ball of your left foot, so you’ve spun around and turned your stride into a golf stance.

3. Check with your thumbs

An easy way to check whether you’ve got the right stance width for you is to make two thumbs with your arms. If they’re level, it means you’ve got the correct stance width, Adams says. If they’re not, you may have stepped too wide or narrow and pulled your body out of alignment.

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