Gain more driver distance by correcting your swing posture. Here’s how

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Sure, every golfer wants to add driver distance, but swinging out of your shoes isn’t the way to go about it. In fact, one can make the argument that it’s the opposite of what a player should do — especially one who doesn’t have the proper swing fundamentals.

So why are those basic fundamentals so important?

For one, you’ll have a smoother backswing and follow through, providing you with the ideal transition between the two. It’s also clutch in avoiding injury, as over-swinging can cause you to overwork certain muscle areas.

If you really want to start seeing more length off the tee, it’d be wise to work on your posture — which GOLF Top 100 Teacher Jason Baile discusses in the video above.

Do this for better swing posture and more driver distance

In the video, Baile says that great swing posture will help the player “who tends to hit down on their driver and spins it a little bit too much and is losing distance.”

So how does one get better posture? Baile says it starts with tilting the pelvis; not the spine.

Get the “S” out of your posture for a rock-solid setup
By: Rachel Bleier

“Because my right hand is lower on the golf club, my shoulders are going to naturally tilt,” he says. “If I do that just with the spine, I’m going to end up with some back issues. So I’m going to do that by tilting my pelvis.”

By creating this dynamic movement in the swing — which causes your hip to move up and your spine to tilt with the shoulders — it gives you a better opportunity at getting the clubface square onto the golf ball. This will lead to a more flush shot, adding distance with the driver.

“So if I’m walking into the shot and I get set, all I have to do is be able to shift my pelvis slightly forward, raise the left hip, and now I’m in a great dynamic position to deliver the golf club on the way up,” adds Baile.

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