Drive It Farther By Staying Behind the Ball


Just because you’re not built like Jordan Spieth or Dustin Johnson doesn’t mean you have to settle with being super short off the tee. The correct ball position—opposite the left armpit—plays a pivotal role in generating more distance off the tee. Setting up this way helps you “stay behind” the ball longer through impact, encouraging a slightly ascending blow and a higher initial launch—and more carry. Good positioning largely sets up all the correct moves in the swing, so it’s vital to work on this important setup fundamental. Here’s how.


Set up to the ball so that it aligns with your left armpit. It should appear that your entire upper body—including the logo on the left side of your chest—tilts behind the ball, with the clubshaft sitting in a more neutral or vertical position. Next, turn to the top of your backswing without moving your back any closer to the target than it was at address.

You should feel that most of your weight is loaded over the inside of your right leg. From here, let your body unwind toward the target while staying “behind the ball” through impact— that is, your head and upper body maintain their position and don’t drift closer to the target until after contact. Sliding your upper body laterally past the spot it held at address robs you of power and accuracy. Stay back through impact, then let your arms and club release fully, carrying your weight onto your front leg. Get behind the ball and stay behind it, and you’ll hit longer drives a lot more often.

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