Draw, Partner! Hit Sweet, Pin-Seeking Irons… and Never Slice Again!

December 11, 2015

1. Place your right hand on the handle first. Make sure your right forearm and the shaft are aligned and that the butt of the club points at your belt buckle. Then add your left hand — your left forearm will automatically be higher than your right (photo above). You’re now set up to hit a nice, high draw.


2. Turn your left shoulder over your right leg as you swing to the top. This tilts your upper body slightly away from the target, setting up an inside-out downswing attack. It should feel as though you’re turning your back to the target as you press down on your right foot.

3. Spinning your hips too early in the downswing usually results in a slice — and a big number. Instead, “slide” them toward the target as you start back down and try to get your left hip slightly higher than your right. This will instantly nix your over-the-top move.

4. Turn your knuckles toward the ground as you release the club through impact — this will create a slightly closed clubface relative to your swing. Since the other moves all but ensure an inside-out path, the ball will start right and draw, just as you see on Tour.

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