The 7 best swing tips from Bryson DeChambeau’s live stream

Bryson Dechambeau holds putter

I’ve realized that I don’t just love tuning into Bryson’s Twitch streams because they’re entertaining. They’re genuinely helpful, too.

Bryson is one of the most insightful guys on Tour, with plenty of opinions. He’s a classic golf addict, like the rest of us, trying to get better every day. And on Monday, Bryson hosted his his latest golf stream and dropped some helpful tips that might improve your own game.

There are a ton of them — the full stream is all the way at the bottom of the page, if you want to re-watch in its entirety — but here were a few of my favorites.

1. How to stop hitting big draws and hooks

Bryson talks a lot about end ranges of motion in his golf swing. What are they? In a nutshell, an end range of motion is how far a joint can move before it can’t anymore (therefore reaching its end range). Bryson suggests using them to your advantage when combating over-draws and hooks by keeping your elbow pointing at or to the right of your target through impact.

2. One way to gain extra speed

But while end ranges of motion help Bryson’s consistency, they also cost him speed. Here, he demonstrated what would happen when he eliminates them. Instantly he gained three extra miles per hour. But it’s a trade-off he’s happy to make for the sake of accuracy.

3. How to control your wrists and arms

Speaking of end ranges of motion, here’s a quick explanation why Bryson cares so much about them: There are so many variables in the swing, especially in the wrists and arms. Once you learn to control them it opens up a “whole new world.”

4. How to stop chunking

If you’re chunking shots, you’ve got two options, says Bryson: Either focus on moving your torso more towards the target on the downswing, or simply put the ball a little further back in your stance (though he admits that might cause other issues).

5. One move for easy speed

Trying to gain some clubhead speed? Bryson said “external rotation of the right leg” helped him gain an easy three miles per hour.

6. How to gain speed with your grip

Looking for another way to gain speed? The simplest one: Grip harder. It gives you more control of the club and allows you to swing it with more force.

7. Find your balance

Looking for the secret to golf? Well, there is no secret. It’s all a balance, personalized based on your unique biodynamic capabilities, Bryson says.

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