Women’s golf tips: How to avoid overthinking and play each shot with confidence

Krista Dunton

Use the Think Box (left) to visualize your shot, and the Play Box (right) to execute with confidence.

Krista Dunton

Ever wonder why, when you grab that extra ball out of your pocket and toss it down and just hit it, it’s always a better shot than the previous one that you were agonizing over? Too many players get stuck over the ball, thinking way too much about their shot and technique, or worrying about the outcome.

It’s important to separate the instances where you take time to think and make decisions from those where you simply react and play! My friends Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott of Vision 54 have created a simple and effective concept to deal with these situations called the “Think Box” and “Play Box.”

Women’s golf tips: 2 simple ways to play great more often
By: Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott

Think Box

The Think Box is the space behind the ball, and the time you take prior to hitting your shot where you make all your decisions about it: Distance, direction, club selection.

The Think Box gives you a designated time and area to commit to the shot, the club you have selected, the swing and your ability to hit it greatly! This is the time to tell yourself “I can’t wait to hit this shot, I love this club!” And feel super confident!

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Play Box

This is all about execution and “Play” — no more thinking! It’s time to be 100 percent sensory … feel the shot, see the shot you are going to hit, and sense the swing you are going to make. Trust what you have rehearsed, be aware of tempo, grip pressure, rhythm. Allow yourself maybe one swing thought or swing feel, but not 10! Be sure to spend more time looking at the target rather than the ball. The amount of time spent in the Play Box should be short, maybe eight to 10 seconds total.

Once you see the shot you want to hit, commit to your decision, feel the swing you want to make and remember to stay tension-free. Let it go, and enjoy the result!

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