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This setup tip will lead to better shots when the golf ball is below your feet

When the golf ball is below the feet, every player must remember one simple rule: don’t make the shot harder than it needs to be.

For many amateurs, playing from an uneven lie like this can cause all sorts of headaches, either leading to indecision when it comes to the club choice, or failing to adjust their approach.

But GOLF Top 100 Teacher Trillium Rose is here to help with some of those common issues, offering advice in the video above for players who face a shot with the golf ball below the feet.

Adapt your setup

In the video, Rose says the obvious fear when the golf ball is below the feet is, “topping it.”

The trick to hitting solid shots from a downhill lie, according to a Top 100 Teacher
By: Nick Dimengo

Why does this happen? Because many amateur golfers setup incorrectly, leaving the ball too far away from them, which causes them to try and reach for solid contact.

To combat this, Rose reminds players to avoid “holding way up on the handle,” of your club, and getting a little bit lower in your stance. This allows you to get closer to the ball, providing a better opportunity to hit the ball squarely on the clubface.

“One thing to remember when you’re swinging is to stay low; bend from your knees. That’s going to help you get under the ball so you don’t top it.”

Adjust your aim

Next, Rose says that, with the golf ball below the feet, (right-handed players) tend to “drift a little to the right.” That’s because gravity wants to pull you towards the ball, which is something that you obviously can’t fight.

Instead, Rose recommends embracing that natural pull, and simply “accommodate it by aiming yourself a little left.”

By following the suggested tips above, players facing a shot with the golf ball below the feet will find more success. So go ahead and confidently grab your club, choke up a little bit, stay low in your stance and aim just a little bit left to get that perfect contact every player wants to see.

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