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This 9-to-3 drill helps you avoid casting, creating more power and speed

Casting is a serious flaw in your golf swing that can lead to frustrating mishits. It can also lead to a loss of power due to a weak impact position, meaning you’re not maximizing each shot.

If you find yourself making this common error, GOLF Top 100 Teacher Trillium Rose has a fix you can try — an easy feel drill that resembles the face of a clock.

In the video above, Rose describes how a 9-to-3 drill can help cure your casting issues, leading to cleaner contact and better results.

“Casting causes a lot of errant shots,” says Rose. “It creates all kinds of problems.”

By using this tricky 2-club drill, you’ll be able to keep the clubface square
By: Nick Dimengo

As Rose mentions, casting is when you lose your club angle too early, meaning your club straightens too soon before impact. This can cause a player to either hit in front of the ball or top it for a thin shot.

But this is where the 9-to-3 drill can come in handy.

“Using the club, go back and hinge, and then as you hit your shot, make sure the club stays straight all the way through — looking as if you’re stopping at 3 o’clock on the dial of a clock,” says Rose.

“No re-hinge with the wrists. This helps time the hands so that you don’t unhinge too early.”

By trying this simple drill, you’ll feel where your hands and wrists should be in the golf swing, creating the proper angles to square the clubface.

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