Focus on these 3 things when you practice, Annika Sorenstam says

Struggling to find time for golf practice? Annika Sorenstam gives her tips on how to still put in work to see improvement

The greatest women's golfer of all-time shares her practice secrets.

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If Annika Sorenstam isn’t the greatest-ever women’s golfer, she’s right up there.

Not only is she is a 72-time LPGA Tour winner, a 10-time LPGA major champion and a World Golf Hall of Fame, but she’s also a successful businesswoman, mother, wife and philanthropist.

Although she officially retired from competitive play 15 years ago, Sorenstam is a golf lifer; her world revolves around the game.

Whether that means helping grow the game in some capacity, or playing in an event every now and again, the 53-year-old hardly slows down.

So, how does she fit in time for golf practice? That’s something many of us struggle with — even if we don’t have Sorenstam’s pedigree — so the golfing legend recently told PGA professional Brendon Elliott a few ways she’s able to keep her game sharp despite time constraints.

Sorenstam says do this when pressed for practice time

We all have good intentions to work on our games, but life can make that more difficult than we’d like. Plus, many amateurs have so much to work on — from the full swing to wedge play to all the short-game shots — that it can be exhausting (and frustrating).

But Sorenstam knows how to juggle a busy schedule, and says this is how she’s able to still maintain regular golf practice.

“I’m fortunate that I was always motivated to be the best, so I pushed myself as much as possible to reach my full potential,” Sorenstam said. “I’ve always been known for my work ethic, but it [doesn’t feel like] work for me. I love it!

‘I hate slow play’: Annika Sorenstam shares pace-of-play suggestions
By: Nick Dimengo

“I tried to be comfortable in the uncomfortable situations.”

Ever driven, Sorenstam works hard to be the best mom, wife, women’s golf advocate, and businesswoman she can be — which all takes a great sense of time management and organization.

But she still finds time to squeeze in golf practice and play the game.

“I’ve always been good at time management,” she said. “I literally don’t waste one minute of the day.

“Family comes first. I’m lucky to have a great partner in Mike who always supports me and does whatever he can to help in both work and with the kids. When I have a tournament upcoming, I fit in practice when I can while the kids are at school. Then I play on the weekends [when I can].”

As for what tips Sorenstam would offer up to the average golfer who wants to get better but feels limited on time, she says focus on three things.

“Play to your strengths, focus on the fundamentals and manage your expectations, which is a fancy way of saying have fun,” she says.

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