Improving your rotation and posture is simple with this alignment stick drill

Having a strong posture and an athletic rotation will help you generate more power in the golf swing. While it can be tough for many amateurs to maintain consistency with each shot, GOLF Top 100 Teacher Jason Baile, the Director of Instruction at Jupiter Hills Club, offers up an easy solution. You only need a few alignment sticks to give it a try!

In the video above, Baile shares an alignment stick drill that can be done from pretty much anywhere, as it doesn’t even involve swinging the golf club!

To set the drill up, place the alignment sticks on the ground — one at a “T” and the other at about 45 degrees to the target.

Once you’re set up, you’re going to start working on the lower body pivot.

3 quick drills to help your golf swing posture and rotation
By: Nick Dimengo

“So I’m going to lay this [club] right across my hip sockets, and I’m going to get my left hip high, turn back into my backswing, and loading the inside of my trail heel,” says Baile. “That will get the club about parallel with that 45-degree alignment stick.”

Practice that motion until you get comfortable, and then move to the upper body portion of this alignment stick drill — which is going to help with your rotation.

“When I get to the upper body, I’m going to try and point the butt end of the golf club about midway to the stick here,” he adds. “That works me back, maintains my shoulder plane, allows me to get in a real dynamic and loaded position at the top of my backswing.”

Continue to use this alignment stick drill to warm up and loosen your muscles, while also providing a reference point for where your rotation and posture should be in the golf swing. Soon enough, you’ll be hitting longer shots — which are sure to wow your playing partners.

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