Amateurs go from the range to the course all wrong. Try this instead

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Thanks to these tips, you no longer have to dread moving from the range to the course.

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Welcome to Shaving Strokes, a new series in which we’re sharing improvements, learnings and takeaways from amateur golfers just like you — including some of the speed bumps and challenges they faced along the way.

Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar.

You actually arrive to the golf course with plenty of time to get loose and hit some balls on the range and practice green, and start to feel “it,” truly believing that you’re going to have a solid round.

You’re loose, you’re confident, and you have the game plan you need in order to shoot low. Now it’s just a matter of executing it all on the course.

Focused golf practice: Rules for concentrating on each shot for better play
By: Nick Dimengo

But as you make your way from the range to the first tee box, something happens, and you suddenly lose all that positive mojo you had about 10 minutes ago before you even tee up your first shot.

Whether it’s performance anxiety or something else, running into this issue is common for lots of golfers; especially amateurs.

So to help stay locked in from the practice range to the course, GOLF Top 100 Teacher Jason Birnbaum offers up five tips to follow. Take a look at them below, and make sure to apply them to your game — your scorecard will thank you!

5 ways to efficiently translate your game from practice to the course

“That short amount of time that it takes to walk from the practice range to the first tee is known as the ‘longest walk in golf,’ but it doesn’t have to be,” says Birnbaum.

Although there’s a common belief that players should practice like they play — pretending that the range mimics the course — Birnbaum argues that players should actually be doing the opposite.

“Golfers are more comfortable on the range, and they typically hit the ball better there,” adds Birnbaum. “So let’s take the range to the course instead!”

If you’re seeing more success on the practice tee than on the course, follow these five keys and learn to actually enjoy the walk between the two.

1. Focus less on the pin

In fact, don’t even look at the pin, because it’s basically irrelevant!

On the range, we hit to open space and, oftentimes, without a specific target. So let’s do this on the golf course, too, by treating the green as one massive landing area on approach shots.

In my experience, golfers tend to shoot lower scores when they play without flags in the hole, and instead play shots to the center of greens. Giving yourself a large target or landing area will take the pressure off in a big way.

2. Take less time hitting shots

On the practice range, there’s very little wasted time, with golfers continuously hitting balls. Then on the course, there’s a lot of time taken between shots, which can add anxiety and blur the decision-making process.

Instead, take about half the time you normally would to hit a shot while on the course. By speeding up the process, you’ll simulate the practice area more, helping put your mind at ease.

3. Avoid hitting clubs that you rarely practice with

If you barely work with clubs like your 5-iron or 3-wood during practice, why would you use them on the golf course? Many players often think they must diversify their club selection during a round, but by doing so, they aren’t putting themselves in the best situation to succeed.

Opting for clubs that you’re more comfortable with will help you lower your scores; even if that means laying up on occasion.

4. Adopt a pre-swing waggle that mirrors the practice range

I see many students taking deliberate practice swings on the range as part of their pre-shot routine that they don’t take while on the course.

For example, if a golfer struggles with an inside takeaway, they will rehearse an outside takeaway to exaggerate the opposite feel. We see the best golfers in the world doing this on TV on a regular basis, and I highly recommend it for golfers of all levels while playing a round.

5. Practice your swing between shots on the course

Find a slope on the golf course to make practice swings on throughout your round, helping encourage the swing shape that best suits you.

If you struggle with a steep swing, deep divots, and a slice, make practice swings on upslopes throughout the day to help promote a more rounded swing motion. If you have a flat swing plane and struggle with hooks or if you hang back and have a tough time shifting weight forward, do the opposite by making practice swings on a downslope.

Just because it’s not your turn to hit doesn’t mean you can’t exaggerate swing movements to better prepare yourself for when it is. So always be building muscle memory and working on technique when you can.

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