3 easy steps to hitting the perfect draw off the tee

Hitting the perfect draw on the golf course isn’t something every golfer just naturally picks up. It takes practice, focus and an understanding of the simple fundamentals to execute it perfectly.

Whether you’re looking to hit a draw off the tee with your driver for a little extra distance, or using it to bypass obstruction in front of you, we’ve got the help to achieve your goal.

As the video above shows, GOLF Top 100 Teacher Martin Chuck walks you through his three steps towards hitting a draw. We also break things down below — so take notes and get your practice on.

1. Create a path that travels inside out

It’s important to stay in control of both your arms and hips, making sure the club has a smooth path to the ball that is fluid and avoids an over-exaggerated swing.

“The folks that come to my golf school, they’ll stand there and they’ll make some swing that’s excessively inside out,” Chuck says. “And you can see, if I bottom out, it does us no good relative to the golf ball.”

2. Find your swing circle

Use your hips to guide your swing motion, making sure they’re out in front of the club head. This creates a more natural, inside-out swing path that will help you hit the inside of the ball and create draw spin.

“This is more of an orbit of the golf club,” Chuck says. “The clubhead traveling behind me, so that when I pivot, the clubhead travels inside out.”

3. Avoid turning your chest over

Transfer your weight from the top-down, keeping your chest right above the target. This will help you have more control of the clubhead as it comes through impact.

“Rather than turn your chest away from the target and swing inside out, the clubhead can fall behind the hands as you unwind,” Chuck says. “That’s what is going to get the golf club to the ball inside out. And that’s what is going to give you that fantastic draw.”

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