3 ways to *finally* fix your chronic slice, according to a Top 100 Teacher

Struggling with a chronic slice? You're not alone. So GOLF Top 100 Teacher Brian Mogg gives 3 steps to correct the common problem

Don't let a wicked slice ruin your rounds. Try these 3 easy steps to correct the issue.


For as long as I can remember, I’ve always sliced the golf ball.

Whether I’m using my driver, hitting an iron shot or even while putting, I have a bad tendency to open up my clubface, come from out to in and watch the ball sail from left to right.

Yes, it’s frustrating, and, yes, I often align way left to compensate for the issue. But I’m slowly starting to figure out how to hit better (and straighter!) shots.

‘Probably the hardest shot in golf’: Top 100 Teacher says this club can conquer it
By: Nick Dimengo

One expert who has really been helpful in my quest to stop slicing is GOLF Top 100 Teacher Brian Mogg, who has been my de facto swing coach over the past six months or so. (Lucky him!)

Mogg and I both live in the Seattle area, and during prime golf season he has welcomed me to his home course for hour-long sessions about once a week. Together, we’ve worked on my setup, rotation, ball-striking and, of course, how to fix my slice.

Since slicing is among the most common issue for amateurs, Mogg’s 3 step-fix should be helpful to many golfers — so take a look at the video below to see his tips.

Try these 3 tips to fix your golf slice

If you struggle with a chronic slice, just remember this: Golf is hard, and slicing is a problem that many golfers confront.

But thanks to Mogg’s advice, you can work on correcting the problem quickly and easily, and start to show out to your playing partners as you make the necessary adjustments.

1. Look for the logo

“When you look down at your grip, try to see at least your logo [on the glove on your left hand],” Mogg says. “That should strengthen that front hand.”

By using a stronger grip, your hands will be in the proper position to keep the clubface square at impact, avoiding the dreaded opened face that causes slicing.

2. ‘Shake hands’ in your takeaway

Keep the palm of your trail hand [right hand for a right-handed player] facing down in your takeaway so that it’s perpendicular to the ground, Mogg says. This should feel as if you’re shaking hands, which will help you keep the clubface closed throughout your swing path.

With this motion, you’ll be less likely to come over-the-top, which can throw your swing out of whack and cause a slice.

3. Tuck your shoulder under your chin

“On the downswing, don’t let that right shoulder come out across your face,” Mogg says. “Feel like the right shoulder [your back shoulder] comes inside and underneath your chin.”

This will help clean up your club path, ensuring that you’re on plane and more likely to hit the sweet spot.

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