Screen 5 for glide, spin or launch: Lower-body differential

For the final test, crisscross alignment sticks at 45-degree angles to your target line, as shown above. Run a third stick through your front belt loops. Straddle the center of the “X” formed by the sticks on the ground and, without a club, swing your right arm back and through, stopping just after impact. (We test this by having a student “slap” a padded mitt, as Bernie demonstrates here). The position of the alignment stick through your belt loops (call it Stick 1) relative to the one pointing to the left of the target on the ground (Stick 2) tells you how fast your hips move on a typical swing. As a general rule, the faster your hips move (that is, the more Stick 1 points left of the target than stick 2), the more you should take advantage of that speed and focus on spinning through impact.

If your hips are rotated more than 45 degrees (Stick 1 points more to the left than Stick 2), score a point for spinning.You have fast hips—use them!

If your hips are rotated close to 45 degrees (Sticks match), score a point each for spinning and launching.

If your hips are rotated less than 45 degrees (Stick 1 points more to the right than Stick 2), score a point for launching.Your body simply isn’t built to produce speed through rotation. That’s okay: Vertically launching is just as powerful!

How Did You Score?

Add up the “1s” in each column. The one with the highest total is your primary power source. In our studies, we’ve tested just as many launchers as spinners and gliders—there are no right answers here. The next step? Click the appropriate link below for the setup adjustments, drills and swing thoughts that will optimize your personal power move and send your swing speed off the charts. In our schools, the least amount of additional clubhead speed generated with this method is 8 mph. That translates into nearly 20 extra yards with a driver. This is not swing mumbo-jumbo. It’s you listening to your body and taking maximum advantage of the way you’re built to move.

Click here if you tested out as a GLIDER

Click here if you tested out as a SPINNER

Click here if you tested out as a LAUNCHER