Fix Finder App: Improve Your Golf Swing with Coaching and Analysis

April 4, 2016

A Google search for “fix my golf slice” returns about 500,000 results. Among the elixirs are a “five-minute” slice fix, an anti-slice driver and a revolutionary slice cure that boldly claims to be “97 percent better” than all the other slice cures. (OK, so that last one is ours.) “Topping my irons” returns a cool 302,000 results, while “chunking my chips” delivers a slightly less staggering but still daunting 150,000 articles, videos and blog posts for struggling golfers to trawl through.

The Internet may not lack for swing tips, but what it doesn’t offer is an easy way for golfers to find credible game-improvement advice customized to their specific wants and needs.

At least not in the slick, intuitive way that our new app does.


The app is called the GOLF Fix Finder, and it does just that: With just a few taps on your phone, you’ll find a video solution for whatever ails your swing — hooks, duffs, thins, tops, yips, shanks, or, if you’re like me, a maddening mix of all of the above. Whatever your weak spots, you’re going to want this app. Partly because it’s powered by the game’s best instructors, the Top 100 Teachers in America, and deftly edited by GOLF Instruction Editor David DeNunzio. Partly because it’s loaded with beautifully shot, sharply edited videos (all of which are also viewable on a dynamic Fix Finder page on But mostly because it’s going to make you better.

And, oh yeah, did I mention it’s free? 


Here’s how Fix Finder works. Let’s say you’re consistently blocking your irons to the right. Open the app, and you’re presented with a menu of categories: Driving, Irons, Wedges, Greenside Bunkers, Putting, you name it. 

Tapping on “Irons” leads you to a list of six common swing flaws — “I need more distance,” for example, or “I’m catching my irons fat” — and here’s where the app starts to drill down to your unique flaws, as if you’re getting a personalized lesson on the practice tee. You’re missing your irons to the right, so you tap on that option and you’re presented with an even more targeted question: Are you slicing your shots, or pushing them? You’re pushing them. 

Providing that last bit of information leads you to the payoff: a one-minute video lesson, in this case from Top 100 Teacher Joe Hallett, who shows you how to keep your rear end behind the ball at impact to help release the clubhead and straighten out your ball flight. Want a closer look at Hallet’s technique? Use the super-cool zoom function for a tighter, full-screen shot.


If you like the tip, you can favorite it and save it for offline viewing. If you reallylike the tip, with the tap of a button you can share it with your golf buddies via text, email or social media channels. (Hey, sharing is caring, right?)

Here’s some more exciting news about Fix Finder: We’re just getting started. The app will be continuously updated with more lessons and practice drills for all levels of players, along with other game-improvement goodies, such as mental-game advice and golf-fitness workouts. In the meantime, we’re certain your game will benefit from this slate of impressive features:

  • Engaging, user-friendly interface
  • Perceptive fault-diagnosing technology
  • Easy access to more than 140 high-definition video tips and drills from the Top 100 Teachers in America
  • Option to save your favorite tips and drills, and store them for offline viewing, as well as to view the most “liked” videos
  • Ability to share tips
  • A “Golf 101” glossary that helps beginners decipher swing lingo   

Ready to find your fix? Download the free GOLF Fix Finder app on iOS and Android. To find all of the tips on your desktop, click here.