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Learn the Swing Move That Wins Majors

January 22, 2016


With driver, start with your feet a bit more than shoulder-width apart. Take a strong grip, with the V’s pointing at the right shoulder and the ball off your left heel. Think “slow” and “synched up” starting back. The one-piece takeaway actually involves many pieces: Feet, legs, hips, hands, arms and shoulders all coordinate in what Nicklaus called the most important part of the swing. The trinity of the shoulders, arms and club don’t change — and there’s a hint of leaving the clubhead behind. Nail your takeaway, and you can forget about path the rest of the swing. You’re good to go!


What not to do? Keep your left heel on the ground in the backswing. This limits hip and shoulder rotation.

Instread, rotate your hips so that your lower back is closer to the target than it was at address. You know you’ve fully turned if your left knee points behind the ball and your left heel is off the ground — just like the best golfers of all time. Let your hands get nice and high. Now you have all the time in the world to generate serious speed. The higher your hands go, the farther you’ll hit it.


Now comes the fun part. Simply unleash all the power you’ve created, like an archer unleashing his arrow. The added time and space gives you a wider downswing arc, leading to more speed and yards. Snead once said, “Guys who turn eat steak. Guys who don’t turn eat hamburger.” So just unfurl that big turn you made — and dig in!

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