10 ways to improve your game during the winter season

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Make the next jump in your game this winter.

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As the colder fall and winter season is upon us, it can be easy just to put your clubs away and wait for the spring. But the better move, the move you should make, is to use the offseason to make some improvements in your technique. As a GOLF top 100 teacher, here are my 10 best ways to do just that.

1. Work on your putting stroke

If you would like to make more of your short putts, offseason putting work can make a huge difference.

A putting mirror to practice setup can help to improve face alignment, posture, eye position and body alignment. The detail needed to set up properly can be checked with your putting mirror. The more you practice correctly the more likely it is to transfer.

2. Work on your distance control

You can work on distance control with a larger putting mat or practice green. Backstroke length controls distance in putting, and while many golfers understand this in theory, they don’t do a great job with it in application.

You should never need to force a follow-through or say to yourself that you “didn’t hit it” if your putt comes up short. If your putt comes up short, it is very very likely that your backstroke was not large enough. Find an indoor putting studio and take a lesson from a top putting teacher in your area who has all the technology to truly measure your technique and stroke.

3. Improve your grip with a molded grip

Placing your hands properly on your golf club is a priority. Holding the club properly in your fingers and as your lead arm hangs naturally is important but not always comfortable. A correct grip delivers a square club face and also helps increase swing speed through stability without tension.

A molded grip placed on a practice club can help you to improve your hand position. With a bit of practice, a proper putting grip can become comfortable.

4. Get better at hitting the ground with a divot board

Do you tend to top or thin a lot of shots when you play? Take your offseason to become more comfortable hitting the ground and getting your clubhead all the way down to the ground.

The divot board can not only help teach you to hit the ground but also to hit the ground in the right location under and after the ball as you scrape the ground after the ball rather than incorrectly trying to lift the ball.

5. Find a hitting net for swinging at home

You can build your own hitting station. If you have a garage you can get my favorite net: the net return. We have one, and love that it is color-coded and easy to put up and take down.

6. Track your numbers with Flightscope MEVO

The challenge of being inside when practicing is that you don’t have the feedback from seeing the ball fly. Having technology to give you some feedback and direction on your swing can really make a difference. Having this tech can also help you better understand your distances with each club, including carry and roll.

Flightscope MEVO is one of our favorite — and most affordable — personal swing trackers.

Divot Board

This game-changing board reads your divots, providing real-time data on ball flight and helping you improve your technique.

7. Increase your swing speed

Increasing swing speed and distance is a goal many golfers seek. The truth is that you can increase your distance, but it takes attention and time. One of my favorite training aids for achieving this goal is the Stack System.

The Stack app measures your baseline and gives you training drills to increase your speed and distance. In my opinion, this is one of the best offseason goals you can embark upon.

8. Fit yourself into a new golf ball

What golf ball should you play?

Ballnamic will answer that question. Using the app, you can either input your numbers from a launch monitor or answer a simple list of questions and Ballnamic will give you 3 personalized golf ball suggestions.

I tried this and was surprised by the results. I have since switched to the ball that was suggested as my first choice and have noticed a difference in my performance. If you’re still not sure about which ball to play, you can try a sleeve of each of the top 3 and find out which you prefer. This is also a great gift for the golfer in your life.

9. Take an online golf lesson

Once you set up your indoor net and practice area, you can take online lessons with an instructor of your choice on the Skillest app. Using videos, you can work with a golf instructor on an improvement plan tailored to your game. You can even communicate through the chat feature to explain your goals directly with your teacher and work through the improvements.

10. Plan a winter trip

If you are in a truly winter location where golf isn’t possible, planning a winter golf trip can be the light at the end of the tunnel that you need. Grab some friends and head south for a golf trip with your new and improved golf game from your indoor training.

Kellie Stenzel is a GOLF Top 100 Teacher.

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