Here are 10 ways to guarantee you shoot higher scores

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These 10 tips are sure to balloon your scores.

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Here at we are constantly sharing tips and tricks on how to shoot lower scores. From instruction videos to swing breakdowns to fitness routines, we’ve got plenty to help you in a quest to play better golf.

However, what we don’t cover often is how to shoot higher scores. This may sound counter intuitive, and seem like a fairly easy thing to do, but you have to be incognito about your dubious motivations for poor form.

Maybe you want to set up a hustle in a money game. Or maybe you want to raise your handicap a couple of strokes to get in a more favorable flight in your club’s member-guest. Yes, this is commonly referred to as sand bagging, but who are we to judge.

Luckily for you sandbaggers out there, GOLF Top 100 Teacher Michael Hunt recently posted a list on Instagram on 10 surefire ways to shoot higher scores. Think of it as a how-to on sandbagging. Or, if your intentions are more pure, try the inverse of these 10 tips for lower scores.

1. Don’t warmup

Pretty self-explanatory. If you want to play poor golf, make sure you don’t hit a single ball before stepping on the first tee. Jump out of your car, walk to the tee box and swing away.

2. Set up to the ball inconsistently

Golf is a game of consistency, so what better way to shoot higher scores than make sure you never have a consistent setup!

3. No pre-shot routine

Similar to the ethos of step No. 2, no consistency in your pre-shot routine will ensure you can’t replicate any accidental success.

4. Constantly change your swing thoughts

When you are standing over the ball, make sure you are thinking about different keys every time. Surefire way to hitting poor shots.

5. Tension in the hands

Make sure your knuckles are white when gripping the club. It should feel like you are choking the life out of the club if done correctly.

6. Aim at every pin

It doesn’t matter if there is trouble guarding the green, take dead aim at the flagstick, consequences be damned.

7. Rack up penalty strokes

See those white and red stakes out there? Aim directly at them.

8. Talk negatively to yourself

If you hit a bad shot, make sure to tell yourself. Accountability has to mean something these days.

9. Try to be a hero

It doesn’t matter what the percentages say, try the hero shot every time.

10. Miss short putts

You should miss every putt inside the four-foot range. Having lots of thoughts going through your head standing over the ball will help with this.

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