10 things I learned in my lifetime teaching golf

GOLF Top 100 Teacher Don Sargent shares some words of wisdom learned from his years as one of the best teachers on the planet.

Don Sargent

I started playing golf about the time I began to walk. My father, who has been a scratch golfer the entirety of my life, and practiced devotedly every day. Never, ever did he not go practice or play without taking me with him.

From as far back as I can remember, in my life, I have been learning about the game of golf. From him, from attending The Masters every year since I was a young kid, being tutored and mentored by many of the game’s greatest instructors and voraciously studying the game on my own. These are 10 things I’ve learned in my golf life along the way.

1. Practice with a purpose

Golfers must practice with a specific purpose each time you go to the practice grounds. And, we must learn something from every day you play or practice the game.

2. Everything starts with the short game

When learning to play the game and shoot lower scores, it always starts with short game. The sooner we learn this, the better we play!

3. The most important fundamental

No fundamental in golf tops a great grip. All golf shots start where the club face points at impact. It is the start and end of everything we are trying to accomplish in striking a golf ball.

4. Copy the greats

Watching great golfers is the best way to learn. Copy, mimic, follow great players when they are playing. It is here that we learn how to play the game.

5. Get a repeatable routine

The full swing is controlled by mastering the grip, aim, stance, and a routine that lets us do this the same every time.

6. The key to good putting

In putting, distance control is always the number one skill to develop and maintain. Learning this touch will allow us to determine the break of the ball.

7. Learn to love the process

Enjoy the process of learning the game, improving in the game, practicing the game, and playing the best you can, every day

8. Be open minded

Never close your mind or body to learning better ways of playing this game.

9. Stay in the moment

Mentally, golfers need to develop the skill to play every shot on its own merit. Never let the previous shot, or the next shot, affect the one we are playing right now.

10. The journey never ends

Being a golfer is a way of life. It’s a mentality and a chase. One that starts every day and never ends!

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