10 golf instruction books you need to read, according to Brandel Chamblee

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If you’re looking for a student of teachers, Brandel Chamblee is your man.

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If you’re looking for a student of teachers, Brandel Chamblee is your man. He’s as well versed on Chuck Hogan as he is on Ben Hogan and will give you chapter and verse on the insights and theories of old-schoolers like Harvey Penick and today’s high-tech swing gurus. Here, the Golf Channel pundit extraordinaire shares his list of (and thoughts about) the best reads to help you play better golf.

1. Bobby Jones on Golf by Bobby Jones

“Nobody ever searched backward from effect to cause more brilliantly… or more beautifully.”

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2. Play Golf the Wright Way by Mickey Wright

“I’ve carried Mickey Wright’s book with me, in my briefcase, for more than 30 years.” 

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3. The Secret of Holing Putts by Horton Smith

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4. Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book by Harvey Penick with Bud Shrake

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5. Jack Nicklaus The Full Swing by Jack Nicklaus

“Nobody, not even Tiger, hit the ball longer, higher or straighter than Jack. Here he tells us how he did it.”

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6. How I Play Golf by Tiger Woods

“What we hoped to pull out of him in interviews about his golf in 2000, Tiger gives us in this book.”

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7. One Putt by Ken Brown

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8. Byron Nelson’s Winning Golf by Byron Nelson

“It is often said that golf has changed beyond all recognition; look at the picture of Byron at impact on page 99 and tell me that.”

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9. The Short Way to Lower Scoring by Paul Runyan

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10. What You Know Can Hurt You by Kip Puterbaugh

“The PGA professional is the most important in all of golf, and Kip is a shining example of their wealth of knowledge.

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