XXIO 9 Driver and Irons

November 10, 2015

XXIO 9 Driver

The key feature of the new XXIO 9 driver is a proprietary technology that’s aimed at maximizing clubhead speed and overall distance. Called “Dual Speed Technology,” the design combines a proprietary ultra lightweight, high balance point shaft with a heavy clubhead. Together the combination is supposed to create more centrifugal force in the downswing and more kinetic energy at impact resulting in faster swing speeds and more powerful impact.

A new cup face design provides a 10% larger effective hitting area than the previous XXIO model for added forgiveness while weight that’s repositioned further back in the clubhead improves launch angles while also lowering spin rates.

XXIO 9  fairway woods ($429 each) and utility woods ($279 each), which feature many of the same technologies as the driver, are also available.

XXIO 9 Irons
$849 steel, $1049 graphite

For players looking for maximum game-improving performance that includes enhanced distance, easy launch, and maximum distance, the new XXIO 9 irons are worth a look. The key to the hi-tech design is a heavier clubhead (2g heavier than the XXIO 8 due to tungsten weight in the heel, toe, and sole), and a high balance point shaft. This combination increases centripetal force through the swing, leading to more speed and distance.

Other notable features of the XXIO 9 include a cup face design that increases flexibility in the heel and toe areas of the face for better ball speed and launch on shots hit in those areas, and a variable face thickness design that further expands the effective hitting area of the clubface.

All XXIO 9 club will be available at retail on December 8th.