Titleist makes new Vokey SM8 Jet Black wedges available in a limited release


Titleist’s new Vokey SM8 wedges have been out at retail since March, but these particular Jet Black wedges – with blacked-out configurations – have not.

According to Vokey tour rep Aaron Dill, the Jet Black finish has become quite popular on the PGA Tour in recent years.

“I’ve been stocking more and more Jet Black heads on the Tour Van each year,” Dill said in a Titleist press release. “Players love the look of it, and the contrast you get when you add custom stamping and paintfill – it just pops. Jet Black also helps players reduce glare on those really bright days.”

Case in point, Cameron Smith won the 2020 Sony Open using all-black Vokey SM8 wedges. Amidst the black finish’s growing popularity on Tour, Titleist is making these Vokey SM8 Jet Black wedges available to the public as part of a limited release.

The new Vokey SM8 Jet Black heads hitting the market are raw, and they’re blacked-out across the board. They have black paintfill in the logos and graphics, and they also come equipped with True Temper Dynamic Gold’s Black Onyx shafts and have black/gray Golf Pride New Decade Multi Compound grips.


The new Jet Black versions of the SM8 wedges, of course, come with all of the same technologies as the original retail wedges, and they will be available in 23 loft, bounce and grind configurations in both right- and left-handed options. They’re hitting golf shops starting on August 28, and pre-order begins on on August 11.

To spice up the all-black wedges – or as Dill said, add some “pop” – additional stampings and paintfills are available through custom orders.

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