Golf Pride’s Tour Tack offers a whole new take on a classic grip

Tour tack golf pride

The Golf Pride Tour Velvet is a staple grip for many golfers, from your local muni to the PGA Tour and beyond. Its feel and texture provide reliable feedback and performance in all weather, and it’s available in all sizes.

But the grip engineers at Golf Pride asked the question — what if we took the beloved Tour Velvet grip and gave it even more traction? And the answer is the new Tour Tack.

The Tour Tack offers a unique texture to enhance traction. Golf Pride

Thanks to an updated surface texture and dimple pattern that provides improved moisture management, the limited edition Tour Tack offers an extra level of tack and grip so, just like when a racing tire gets warmer, the Tour Tack gets tackier, and you can have full confidence in every swing.

Price and availability

The Golf Pride Tour Tack is available in limited quantities at, and are priced at $10.99 a grip.

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