Tour Edge Exotics EX9 Driver Review: ClubTest 2016

February 11, 2016
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CATEGORY: Game Improvement Drivers
PRICE: $300
WE TESTED: 10° (adjusts 9° to 11°), 12° (adjusts 11° to 13°) with Matrix White Tie 55X4 and Red Tie 65Q4 graphite shafts
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The updated face design combines with a narrower, more flexible sole channel to increase power on low misses.


DISTANCE: The Exotics EX9’s natural draw tendency helps some testers eke out a few more yards; it’s easy to adjust your way into slightly better results.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: A pretty straight shooter, with good lateral forgiveness for a stocky head; many guys find it’s predictable but not totally corrective; noticeable draw bias can take the right side out of play — and the sting out of your slice.
FEEL: A smooth, medium-weight club that’s easy to get moving; lively, loud sound — announces impact to your entire foursome (and beyond); the EX9 is stable, with few twists or tweaks at impact.
PLAYABILITY: No single trajectory to talk about — the Exotics EX9 does different things for different guys; one thing you can count on is a natural draw bias, although fades aren’t impossible; the hosel packs a nice range of adjustability and can be made to fit many different swings.
LOOK: Its strongest asset — a player’s look with a deep, stoutfaced setup and time-honored shape; simple, conservative and composed over the ball — the EX9 isn’t flashy, but it makes you feel like you’ll hit it solid.


As far as overall distance, it’s just an average performer for some testers; the EX9 is prone to the odd cardkilling hook; the ear-splitting, high-pitched sound at impact is difficult to ignore; a few players find that it sets up with a slightly closed clubface.

BOTTOM LINE: This blue-collar club does the job but doesn’t stand out in any one category. The EX9’s no-frills look and performance should appeal to traditionalists, who may prefer it to an old-school slice-buster.

HOT STIX’S TAKE: You’d be mistaken to think it’s for better players only — this driver is built for all skill levels. The sole channel improves ball speeds on low hits. Launch: Mid; Spin: Mid




From, October 7, 2015:

The new Tour Edge Exotics EX9 driver comes in standard ($299) and Tour ($399) models, both of which have lower and deeper CG locations than past Exotics models, yielding enhanced forgiveness and lower spin rates for more distance.

The standard EX9 has a 460cc clubhead that features a heel weighted, draw enhancing design and is available in 10- and 12-degree lofts. A sloped crown in the standard model helps reduce drag during the swing to increase clubhead speed and distance. The Tour model features a more compact, pear shaped 430cc clubhead that produces slightly lower spin rates and more neutral performance. Both models are built with a new adjustable hosel that provides eight different loft settings in one-degree increments. An interchangeable sole weighting system (in the heel of the standard model, in the center of the Tour model) allows for custom tuning by swapping out the standard 6-gram weight with 3-, 9-, or 11-grams weights, which are sold separately.

Stock shaft options for the standard EX9 include Mitsubishi Bassara E-Series, Fujikura Exotics PRO, Matrix Exotics White, Red, and Black Tie. Options for the EX9 Tour include Aldila Rogue Silver, Mitsubishi Diamana S+, M+, and D+.Michael Chwasky

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