Tour Edge Exotics E8 Driver Review: ClubTest 2015

February 5, 2015

Tour Edge Exotics E8 Driver


Category: Max Game-Improvement Drivers
Price: $299
10.5° (adjusts 8.5° to 12°) with Mitsubishi Bassara E-Series 45, Fujikura Exotics Pro 57, Fujikura Exotics Pro 62, and Fujikura Exotics Pro Tour 72 graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The corrugated channel along the sole frees up the face to flex more at impact.


DISTANCE: Reacts best to smooth, rhythmic swings; a few guys see impressive distance numbers on solid strikes; good roll from shots struck low on the clubface.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: The penalty isn’t too stiff for contact above or below center, and big misses are cushioned to stay in play; reasonable accuracy.
FEEL: One of the lightest-feeling clubs in the Max Game-Improvement category, the E8 is well balanced and soft in the hands on all shots; feathery, but with enough heft to let you sense the clubhead throughout the swing.
PLAYABILITY: Easy to break in; workability is key—the club is meant for creativity and shot-shaping more than many others in the category; the Exotics E8 produces a penetrating, powerful ball flight.
LOOK: Compact and comforting at address; bright white lines on the heel and toe of the clubface contrast with the dull, matte black head, helping to outline the ball.


Some testers aren’t fans of the sound and feel on mis-hits; others seek a bit more carry distance; a few guys are looking for more forgiveness than the E8 offers.

BOTTOM LINE: The Exotics E8 doesn’t quite stack up to the top models tested. Still, it is an intriguing design meant for those who like to work the ball toward the target with reliability.

HOT STIX’S TAKE: The Exotics E8 is relatively forgiving from heel to toe. The mid-launching head is geared to all skill levels.Launch – Mid; Spin – Mid

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From the November 2014 Issue of Golf Magazine

X marks the spot with the Exotics E8. That’s because the club can be customized using an X-shaped removable sole plug to alter swing weight, ball flight and feel. The driver comes with a 7-gram weight that can be easily swapped for 5-, 10- or 12-gram plugs, which are part of an optional $50 weight kit.

The E8 has a low, forward CG to promote a higher launch, lower spin and faster ball speeds than the current XCG7 model. A relatively shallow face makes it easier to launch the ball on a high trajectory, while the corrugated channel along the sole — called the “Power Grid” — is deeper than in the XCG7 so the face flexes more at impact for faster ball speed with less spin. The Power Grid combines with a variable-thickness face to improve performance on low, heel or toe strikes.

In addition, the adjustable hosel lets you set loft from 8.5° to 12° in 0.5° increments. The matte black head can be paired with a number of shafts, including Fujikura’s Pro Series and Pro Tour, Aldila’s Rogue Silver and Black, and Mitsubishi’s Bassara E-Series. Lofts: 9.5°, 10.5°. — Rob Sauerhaft

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