This was our most-read gear story of 2022

Finding the right shaft flex is an important part of the fitting process

Shaft flex is one of the most confusing areas of golf equipment because there are so many factors that go into choosing the right one — including swing speed.

Our most-read gear story of 2022 featured a quick start guide from our friends over at True Spec Golf to help you get on the right track to find the shaft that’s right for you based on your swing speed throughout the bag. (True Spec and are affiliates of 8AM Golf).

Which part of the golf club is more important, the head or the shaft?
By: Ryan Barath

Although driver speed is one of the biggest determining factors, you should always keep in mind that your swing speed for your irons might not extrapolate perfectly to your driver (and vice versa), so while a specific flex might be perfect in some clubs, that might not be the case in others.

Also, considering the unique launch characteristics that a driver should have to maximize performance compared to what an iron needs to provide maximum control, keeping an open mind will lead to better results on the course.

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