FIRST LOOK: TaylorMade Spider GTX and GT Max putters

Taylormade Spider GT MAX 2023

The new Spider GTX offers trusted technology, while the GT Max offers moveable weight and CoG for the first time in a TaylorMade putter.

TaylorMade Golf

Ever since its introduction, the Spider line of putters from TaylorMade has always been about offering innovation. Whether it be the original AGSI insert to promote forward roll or the geometric chassis used to boost MOI and aid in alignment, the goal has always been to help golfers sink more putts.

Spider GTX and GT Max models. TaylorMade

And 2023 marks another year of Spider innovation with the launch of the Spider GTX and GT Max models, with the GTX bringing together well-known Spider technology, and the GT Max offering something that TaylorMade championed in drivers almost 20 years ago — moveable weight.

Spider GTX

The TaylorMade Spider GTX. TaylorMade

The Spider GTX offers proven TaylorMade putter technologies including True Path and Pure Roll combined with a deep center of gravity made possible thanks to a heavy — 154g, to be precise — stability bar at the rear of the putter to create the signature Spider look.

“Spider GTX builds on the performance and shape of two of TaylorMade’s most acclaimed putter designs: Spider Tour and Spider X,” said Bill Price, TaylorMade’s senior director of product creation, putters and wedges “We focused on stability and consistency while offering more color options to appeal to a wide range of players at every level of the game.”

The Spider GTX offers TruePath for better alignment. TaylorMade Golf

The multi-material design of the Spider GTX is fully CNC milled, with the body made from 6106 aluminum, while the rear stability ring which holds 45 percent of the putter’s total mass is made from steel. The aluminum body allows the engineers to utilize a PVD finishing process to create not only a durable and premium look but also offer the putter in a variety of color options to suit any golfer.

Spider GTX colors options for 2023. TaylorMade golf

Pricing and availability

Spider GTX will be available for preorder starting today, and can be found in retail beginning Feb. 24, 2023. Pricing for the Spider GTX starts at $349.

Stock lengths include 33″, 34″, and 35″ in both short slant, single bend and center shaft hosel configurations. There will also be a face-balanced armlock offering available in 40″ and 42″. The Spider GTX with be available with the following top-plate color options: White, Silver, Black, Red, Ice Blue and Pink.

For further customization, the GTX is also available through the MySpider program at, and starts at $420.

Spider GT Max

The Spider GT Max. TaylorMade

Almost 20 years ago TaylorMade pioneered adjustable weight technology in drivers with the release of the iconic R7 Quad. They are now looking to revolutionize the other end of the bag with the introduction of the Spider GT Max which offers a total of 80 grams of adjustable weight to help you find the best fit for your putting stroke.

TaylorMade GT Max and GTX Putters

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How does it work?

Just like with a driver, the adjustable weight of the Spider GT Max helps change the closure rate of the club head during the golf swing — the only difference is in this case we’re talking about a putting stroke, not a driver swing. This change is created by moving the center of gravity closer to or away from the face, which also results in adjusting the toe hang.

Adjusting the weights can help reduce miss tendencies. TaylorMade Golf

By creating this adjustable weight putter, the engineers at TaylorMade have been able to replicate the center of gravity location from almost every Spider mallet putter ever created into one, which opens up a whole new world of fitting opportunities.

The TaylorMade Spider GT Max. TaylorMade Golf

The Spider GT Max is designed to let golfers find their perfect fit by adapting the putter to fit their stroke. The reason this can create such an improvement is that the more a golfer can deliver a square face at impact, the more the ball will start on the intended line. With face angle impacting around 90 percent of the directional start line on putts, getting that face back to square is crucial.

“We encourage golfers to spend time observing their putting tendencies,” Price said. “By knowing where you often miss, you can set the weights on Spider GT Max to counteract your tendencies and help you hit putts on target with greater consistency. Why adjust your putting motion when you can adjust your putter?”

To help make with alignment, the Spider GT Max offers True Path technology, and like the GTX is offered in two hosel configurations, short slant and single bend, to further allow golfers to find the offset and toe hang to suit their stroke.

Pricing and availability

Spider GT Max will be available at retail in late spring 2023 and comes with a price tag of $449. The stock length offers are 34 and 35 inches.

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