Srixon Z F45 Fairway Woods Review: ClubTest 2015

April 22, 2015

Srixon Z F45 Fairway Woods


Category: Better-Player Fairway Woods
Price: $280
15° (adjusts 14° to 16°), 17° (adjusts 16° to 18°) with Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Black HBP 60 graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: A maraging steel face increases COR for faster ball speeds across the hitting area.


PLAYABILITY: Good, versatile performer that can handle shots from the rough as well as the fairway; repeating medium flight provides good carry and holds greens; an acceptable shot shaper—lets testers move the ball when needed.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Low spin keeps the ball where you can find it; the Z F45 corrects toe misses and curves the ball back on line; distance holds up on minor mistakes.
DISTANCE: Similar output on tee shots to testers’ own sticks; compares pretty favorably with others in the test when struck well off the ground.
FEEL: Not harsh but no cream puff either—firm and powerful sensation at impact; lets you know immediately if you hit it well; good balance through the swing with a nice, weighty clubhead.
LOOK: Can’t ask for much more—the small, compact clubhead and classy black finish are throwbacks to the old days; square look at address inspires confidence in many testers.


Some guys have trouble getting height on shots from the rough and other trouble lies; the compact clubhead is almost too small for a few testers; some of our panelists want more overall carry than these woods provide.

BOTTOM LINE: Possibly the best Srixon fairway woods in some time. Serious players would be wise to give them a serious look.

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NEXT REVIEW: TaylorMade R15 Fairway Woods

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