Stuff We Love: 18 golfy things we couldn’t get enough of in 2018

The golfy items our editors selected below served them well on the course in 2018.

GOLF’s second annual nod to the goods that up our games includes the essentials—but not exclusively the usual suspects. Because how we roll—in style, on social media, on the range, at the arcade—doesn’t only come down to putting.


There’s nothing more versatile in my wardrobe than my Travis Mathew threads. I wore them on the course, at the beach and to social gatherings all summer long. The saddest part about fall in the Northeast is packing my shorts away—but this lid is definitely not going into hibernation. (; hats: $30; shorts: $85) —Tim Reilly, Social Media Editor

Travis Matthew golf apparel.


Earlier this year I slipped on a pair of these specs from Under Armour, and I have seen the light. Actually, it’s not a light; it’s more of a subtle and comfortable cool blue effect. Colors aren’t distorted—if anything, they’re sharpened. Courses look every bit as gorgeous with the glasses on as with-out. I don’t wear prescription glasses, but I swear I can see the world just a tad more crisply with these shades. (; $100) —Jeff Ritter, Digital Development Editor

Under Armour Tuned Golf Assist sunglasses.


Especially when I’m straying well off the fairway, having a reliable rangefinder makes all the difference in getting comfortable on the course. The TecTecTec is small, light and easy to use, with a clear interface and accuracy from nearly unlimited range—500 yards plus! It picks up pins and can home in on woods, hazards and more. (; $150) —Dylan Dethier, Associate Editor

TecTecTec VPRO500 rangefinder.


If we expect our golf clubs to perform to our high standards, we’d better treat them right—the way Seamus does. The Oregon-based company hand-crafts these beauties in hundreds of styles and colors, with customization and sizing options aplenty. Their signature look is Scottish tartan, but it’s pretty hard to resist their sock-puppet look for your putter. (; $55 and up) —Josh Berhow, News Editor

A Seamus golf headcover.


The first time I played music on a golf course was during a solo twilight round earlier this year. I haven’t taken the Clip 2 off my bag since. It’s become a fixture, to the point that I’ve forgotten what playing golf is like without it. Now Pearl Jam, Nervous Dater and Chris Stapleton round out my foursome. (; $60) —TR

JBL Clip 2 speakers.


Full disclosure—Dewars is a paid advertiser. But on the occasion of my 50th earlier this year, among several bottles gifted by family and friends, I did indeed receive a seven-fifty of the distiller’s famed White Label, produced since the time McKinley was still in off ice. It’s a little smokey (which I like) and a lot of smooth (which I love), even served neat. Among the 40 whiskys blended into White Label is Aberfeldy, an old friend. It wasn’t the only Scotch I enjoyed this year, but at around $30, it was the best value. ( —John Ledesma, Managing Editor

A selection of Dewars scotch.


My golf swing won’t get me mistaken for a Tour pro. But striding purposefully through the airport with this bag in hand, I imagine myself as Justin Thomas or Jordan Spieth. It’s luxe—leather accent handles and magnetic closure, jacquard lining, pockets aplenty—precisely the right size, and a hell of a lot lighter than a staff bag. (; $220) —Evan Rothman, Contributing Editor

Titleist Professional Jetsetter travel bag.


If you’re eager to share your experience from the gorgeous course you just played but don’t want to spend hours polishing each image you post, con-sider the Unfold app. It offers 25 free templates and 60 premium templates that are easy to use and designed specifically for Instagram Story, Snapchat and Facebook Story, helping you relive your round in a beautiful, seamless way. Just be prepared to make all your friends jealous. (; $1.99) —Ashley Mayo, Brand Editor

The Unfold app.


You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more high-tech training aid on the market. It only took a few minutes for me to sync the sensor up to my phone, and I was instantly fed real-time, biomechanical information about my wrist’s movements throughout the golf swing, which I found particularly useful for chipping. It’s a little steep (like my downswing), but you get your money’s worth. (; $795) —Luke Kerr-Dineen, Managing Editor, Instruction

Hackmotion wrist sensor.


If you’re living in a city, it’s never been easier to play golf. The growth of indoor golf locations has already taken hold in South Korea and Japan, and now it’s sweeping the U.S., with golf simulators that charge by the hour becoming increasingly popular. In New York, I go to Golf Manhattan in Midtown, or Five Iron Golf in the Flatiron district, where tacos, beer and tournaments are on the menu. Seems like everything will be virtual one of these days. Golf is already there. (, $45-$70 per hour;, $45-$60 per hour) —LKD

Golf Manhattan in New York City.


I believe a golfer shouldn’t show up at the course looking like the loser in a paint-ball fight. I believe in solid colors, simple patterns, classic cuts. Thus my fondness for Original Penguin golf shirts, which came into being in 1955 and became instantly iconic when Arnold Palmer wore them. In the benighted 1990s, the shirt line died, but this past year, Penguin revived it. When I slip one on, I don’t quite pass as Palmer, but I feel like the king of cool.(; $70-$90) —Josh Sens, Contributing Writer

Original Penguin golf shirts.


Foray masterfully incorporates runway trends into golf-friendly pieces that help me feel athletic and stylish, on or off the course. Each piece is meticulously tested for fit and wear, constructed with high-performing fabrics, and designed with subtle, golf-specific details that make a tremendous impact. Take the “sneaky pocket”—stitched into the shorts of every skirt, it holds anything from tees to smartphones without visibly adding bulk. Foray designs a “core” collection that’s available year-round, and releases limited-edition, high-fashion collections through-out the year. (; $90-250) —AM

Foray Golf skirt.


Like you, I’ve got a pouch full of assorted ball markers, variously rusted divot fixers, and a few that that function as both. None provide the versatility and convenience of the Birdicorn 6-in-1 divot tool. It’s super light (aluminum) and doesn’t bulk up your pocket. You can open bottles, keep your grip off the wet turf and draw a line on your rock. Oh, and it’s pretty good at repairing divots, too. (; $23) —JL

Birdicorn Divot Repair Multi-Tool.


There’s nothing fancy about it. No automatic ball-spitter-backer that can malfunction, no stroke analyzer to clutter your mind. What it does off er is 10 feet of smooth-rolling turf and a gravity-feed return that rolls your balls back on a track. Best of all, my three young sons dig it, too. Putting contests have become a familiar activity, so it won’t be long before they’re taking all my money.(; $50) —Alan Bastable, Managing Editor, Digital

Maxfli Automatic Putting Matt.


Dragging a golf travel bag through an airport is cumbersome, which is why I’m extra picky about my second piece of luggage. Sometimes I want to sling it over my shoulder, other times I’d rather roll it. This Stitch duffle lets me pick and choose, because it’s designed for both. The water-repellent bag is also designed with an easily accessible outer pocket and a removable garment bag that keeps certain pieces wrinkle-free. It’s a stylish sidekick I can count on. (; $428) —AM

Stitch Roller Duffle bag.


Shoe technology has made great strides. I was reminded of that when I first slipped into my Ignites—slip being the operative word, because the shoe has a squishy lining that envelops your foot like a diving bootie. Pair the blissful comfort with stellar support and traction, plus a look that has earned me way more compliments than my swing, and you have a shoe you’ll cherish every bit as much as a shiny new driver. (; $150)—AB

Puma Pwradapt Ignite golf shoes.


I first came across this luxuriously soft cashmere pullover at the PGA Show in Orlando, way back in January. I loved it immediately. It was the simplicity that struck me. Just GOLF in big bold letters—so delightfully nerdy! And the throwback feel of the color-blocking only adds to its vintage charm. (; $398) —Jessica Marksbury, Senior Editor

Tory Sport “Golf” Sweater.


No doubt, it’s a big-boy toy—and a big ask at nearly four grand. But when the Golden Tee arcade game was rolled into GOLF’s office a few months ago, it transformed the place. It’s a beacon of hope at the end of a tough day, perfect for a happy-hour round post-work (or even a quick nine over lunch). There’s a wide variety of lunatic courses and an endless array of shots to (attempt to) master. Best thing is, it makes it impossible to toss my 5-iron into a lake. (; $3,895) —DD

Golden Tee arcade game.
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