How stage fright almost ruined a chipping lesson with Scottie Scheffler

Pressure is a funny thing — especially when it comes to golf. When the pressure ramps up, just gripping a golf club can be a foreign feeling. It doesn’t matter how many reps you’ve accumulated in practice, when the bright lights come on, it gets tough to perform.

GOLF’s equipment editor Jonathan Wall was reminded of that fact during a recent lesson with Scottie Scheffler. As he detailed in a recent episode of Fully Equipped, stage fright got the better of him when he was under the watchful eye of World No. 1.

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By: Jonathan Wall

“They said, ‘We’re going to do a chipping lesson,” Wall said. “Well, short game is probably one of the best parts of my game. Even as my handicap has gone from a plus to a seven, my short game is usually pretty reliable.”

But once the cameras started rolling, and Scheffler started watching, things got a little more difficult.

“I just start trying to pick the ball up,” Wall said. “I will not even allow the sole of this wedge to engage the turf. It was embarrassing … It scarred me for life.”

Check out the entire episode of Fully Equipped below.

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