What’s the right golf equipment for your game? This matchmaker survey will tell you


How often do you ask yourself if you’re playing with the right clubs, the right balls, the right rangefinder? Outfitting every aspect of your game can be an overwhelming and expensive process, but a helpful new tool called USelect from can help you find and buy golf gear with confidence (and enjoy your game a whole lot more).

How does USelect work? GlobalGolf’s staff of PGA Professionals have combined their years of experience to curate a questionnaire about your game that leads to recommendations for all kinds of golf products — clubs, balls, shoes, tech, bags and more. All you have to do is answer a few simple but scientifically-backed questions about your game, and a list of product recommendations will be quickly generated. To further simplify your options, results can be filtered a number of ways, including by new or used products, club type, brand, etc. You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in no time.

For total confidence that you’re buying the right gear, pair the USelect process with UTry,’s totally unique demo experience that lets you test-drive equipment and golf tech for 14 days — where and how you want. For example, if USelect matched you with two new drivers and you just can’t decide which one is best, you can demo both clubs on your home course and, after 14 days, keep the one you love and send back the one you don’t.  And you can demo more than just clubs, UTry includes range finders, GPS watches and launch monitors too. 

Once you’ve landed on the perfect product, make sure you get the lowest price (which isn’t easy since manufacturers determine retail pricing). With UTrade-In, you can trade in your current set of golf clubs or golf tech for the best market value and receive credit towards your purchase. Just like buying a car, trade in to lower the overall cost. 

GlobalGolf’s mantra — Try, Trade, Buy — is about getting you the latest golf technology while helping to make the game affordable and fun.

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