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If you’ve never done it before, building a golf club can feel like a complicated task. But once you learn the basics, it opens up a whole new world of customizing and personalizing your gear. Although there are a lot of components that can go into building certain types of clubs, starting with a club that requires the fewest steps — like a putter — can help you quickly learn the basics.

In the first video from our newest Build Shop series, we show you the entire in-depth process from start to finish. Better yet, we offer a ton of tips along the way, so you can learn the process yourself.

Why building a putter is a great place to start

Unlike a driver, fairway wood or irons, building a putter doesn’t require a ferrule, meaning you don’t have to worry about not having the correct tools. And since most putters use a steel shaft, you don’t need a chop saw to complete the final assembly. Instead you can use a basic pipe cutter to cut the putter to the final length, if required.

Check out the video above or below, and click here for more videos from our Fully Equipped YouTube page.

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