ClubTest First Look: PXG’s new Bat Attack and Mustang putters

PXG’s “Battle Ready” putter lineup already consists of the Blackjack and One & Done mallet putters, and now the company has added two new models: the Bat Attack and the Mustang. Like the two previous putters in the Battle Ready family, the new additions use shapes, materials and face patterns to help golfers putt more consistently. That’s the goal for every golfer, isn’t it?

To help provide golfers what they need, the Bat Attack and Mustang models have dual-material constructions that combine aerospace-grade aluminum bodies with high-density Tungsten heel-toe weights to achieve greater stability through the stroke and at impact.

“What happens on the green can make or break a round, so we’ve engineered our Battle Ready Putters to give you the best shot technology currently affords to sink more putts,” said PXG found and CEO Bob Parsons, in a press release. “And, like all PXG clubs, they feel incredible and are unbelievably sexy.”

In addition to the stealthy looks and high-tech material combinations, the Battle Ready putters also use a Pyramid Face Pattern to help improve ball velocity, launch angle, spin rate and skidding, according to the company. The putters also have two weights in their soles to fine tune weight and performance for the player.

PXG’s Mustang putter has a single sightline for alignment


The Battle Ready Mustang, specifically, is a blade-style putter that uses Tungsten weights in the heel and toe sections to optimize CG (center of gravity) and MOI (moment of inertia). It uses compact wing shapes to enhance stability and alignment.

PXG’s Bat Attack putter has both a sightline and a dot for alignment


The Battle Ready Bat Attack, on the other hand, is a modified mallet that has extended Tungsten wings. The putter’s construction allows for both easy alignment and more forgiveness.

As with the other options in the Battle Ready lineup, the Mustang and the Bat Attack putters both feature a skull with the number 26 on it, which signifies Parson’s service in the 26th Marine Corps Regiment in the Vietnam War.

PXG’s new Bat Attack and Mustang putters will sell at retail for $525, but they are being introduced to market at a special price of $285. There are four different hosel options available for different stroke preferences: plumber’s neck, heel-shafted, double-bend, and armlock.

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