ClubTest First Look: Odyssey’s new “Tens” family of putters

Back in 2019, Odyssey launched new Stroke Lab Ten putters that became popular on tour, and in the marketplace, due to their forgiving mallet designs. Flash forward to 2021, and new Callaway staffer Jon Rahm began using a prototype version of the Stroke Lab Ten, called the 2-ball Ten.

Rahm’s prototype, which actually became the most played Odyssey putter at recent PGA Tour events, combines shaping from the previous Stroke Lab Ten putters with Odyssey’s ever-popular two-balled crown to help with alignment.

As it turns out, however, Rahm’s putter shape is no longer just a prototype. On Tuesday, Odyssey officially announced the release of its new “Tens” family that consists of various models, including a 2-Ball Ten.

The new Tens lineup features five new designs: 2-Ball Ten, 2-Ball Ten Triple Track, Lined Ten, Triple Track Ten and 2-Ball Lined Ten. Each of the putters is a variant of the Ten headshape, but with different alignment aids on the crowns to help golfers with differing needs and preferences.


So far on Tour, as Odyssey PGA Tour rep Joe Toulon describes below, players have found the 2-Ball Ten beneficial for a number of reasons.

“One of the biggest reasons [the 2-Ball Ten has] done so well, other than the shape and look, is how it sits on the ground,” said Toulon. “That’s one of the biggest keys that great players look for. It needs to sit square without having to fidget with it. Another thing is the lower profile of the face depth. I’ve had a bunch of players comment about how good that looks. It just sort of melts into the ground. Really confidence-inspiring. It also visually encourages players to hit up on it a little more, which is almost always a good thing.”

Odyssey Golf

Now, general consumers can get ahold of the head designs for themselves.

The retail versions of the Tens putters come with Odyssey’s familiar Microhinge face inserts to impart a more consistent roll, and they come with new Stroke Lab shafts to help with tempo. Compared to the previous Stroke Lab shafts, the new designs have gotten stiffer, and they’re 7 grams lighter, according to the company.


Odyssey’s new Tens putters hit retail on March 11, selling for $299 apiece.

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