FIRST LOOK: Cleveland Golf’s HB Soft Milled putters

cleveland HB Soft Miller putter

A look at one of Cleveland's new HB Soft Milled putters.

Jonathan Wall/GOLF

In the putter space, feel remains entirely subjective. Some golfers prefer a firmer feel at impact, while others require a softer insert or milling pattern to match up feel and distance consistency. Thankfully, most putter manufacturers offer options on both ends of the feel spectrum.

With a name like HB Soft Milled, one would assume Cleveland’s latest putter lands on the softer end of the feel spectrum. In this case, the word Soft is actually an acronym for “Speed Optimized Face Technology,” a unique face-milling pattern that’s designed to minimize distance loss on heel or toe mishits, regardless of head shape.

The updated face technology is also designed to offer a more responsive feel than the previous Soft iteration, which should appeal to golfers who prefer a slightly firmer face.

The updated Soft face technology designed to offer a more responsive feel than the previous iteration. Jonathan Wall/GOLF

With 10 different head shapes in the lineup, Cleveland touts there’s “a new model to fit every stroke.” Part of the way they’re able to accomplish this is with the help of Golf Pride’s Pro Only grips. For golfers with a slight arc, the pistol shape on the Pro Only Red Star grip helps turn the putter over during the stroke. Straight stroke types should benefit from the Pro Only Green, which features a rounded, oval back to keep the hands quiet through the stroke.

A look at the putter’s sole and at address. Jonathan Wall/GOLF

Cleveland also partnered with UST Mamiya to include the company’s multi-material All-In shaft as an upgraded option. With a 26 percent stiff profile than traditional steel, unwanted shaft flex is reduced to improve consistency. A proprietary nanotechnology housed within the shaft enhances feel and response to deliver a more consistent face angle (10 percent) at impact.

UST Mamiya’s All-In multi-material shaft. Jonathan Wall/GOLF

Each putter head is cast and then CNC milled — to ensure consistency and weighting — before the sole is hand polished to a tight tolerance to complete the creation process.

Cleveland’s HB Soft Milled putter line will be available on Nov. 18 in 10 different shapes. The standard steel shaft putter retails for $199.99, while the upgraded UST Mamiya All-In shaft goes for $249.99.

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